For Immediate Release

The Constant Gallery presents “Foehn Documents: A CSULB MFA Group Exhibition”

May 10, 2008 through May 31, 2008
Opening reception: May 10, 2008, 6:00 pm-8:00 pm
The Pacific Rim mix of foreign and fun has definitively conduced transnationalism and cosmopolitanism. Valuations of objects once defined by presumptions, migratory patterns, and temporal desires are increasingly appraised contextually through the social capital of phone links, stylistic quirks, and competitions of the most modern physicality. 
Ashcan Manga, Playskool Banzai, and Bureaucracy Art create gale force winds which retreat the ozone, dust and smoke, settling in the basin of the port city. Invisible California…Shanghai, Los Angeles, and Kaiju Chimera find themselves sunbathing by their infinity pools. White Noise, Fried Eyeballs, and POV Cumshots are watching the playoffs. Floating Paradise, Waxy Towers, and the Surveyor’s Bubble climb Signal Hill, waiting for a sunset.
The hot wind picks up. There Will Be Blood is downloading. Another valet attendant speeds by with the radio on, A/C blasting.

About The Constant Gallery 
The Constant Gallery is an experimental art space that focuses on the intersections of culture(s) amidst globalization. 

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